Intelligent and effective design solutions - from concept to final delivery.

Creating the "just right" visual identity for your product or service can be a challenging task - that's why we take special care to understand the problem completely and work with you to find the best possible, intelligent design solution. Chances are, whatever the problem, we've had experience with a similar challenge, so all you have to do is tap into our experience.

Experience counts

In addition to being an internationally recognized graphic designer, Alexey Makhinko, RGD, Partner in Altan Design, has distinguished himself as a multidisciplinary designer and brand savvy marketing specialist.

Alexey combines these diverse skill sets and experience to provide clients with a complete design and visual solutions that ensures positive results in a variety of diverse projects.

Tatiana Rusanovska, Partner in Altan Design, has established herself as an internationally award winning illustrator and graphic designer. Her experience has rendered successful design campaigns in both Europe and North America.

Tatiana's talents continue to excel as an accomplished illustrator who's unique style features whimsical imagery rendered in a distinctive palette of imaginative colours.

Photo by Stacey Newman

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